About the artist: 


Barbara Ravizza went to California College of Arts and Crafts and San Jose State with a focus on Fine Art, graphic design and photography. She became a book designer and illustrator for various Publishing Companies in the Bay Area for over 20 years, including John Wiley, Wadsworth and Science Research Associates, a wholey owned subsidiary of IBM.  

Always fascinated with cultural relationships, a series of collages were made between 1998 and 2002 called “Conversation Pieces”, represented by the Cheryl Wicker Gallery in San Francisco. With her fierce wit and technical grace, Barbara’s collages began with iconic imagery integrating dialogues while attaching tid bits of our everyday lives from newspaper clippings to tubes of lipstick, forming unlikely juxtapositions.

Since then more conceptual imagery has evolved through her larger and vibrantly colorful oil stick drawings, exploring emotional landscapes through figurative and spacial abstractions. All the while,  Barbara continues her charcoal and pastel drawings from the model with short poses to capture the essence of human form,  being and movement.